Increase your wellbeing with the Original Teslaplates TeslaVital®

Scritto da Cristina Bassi

Use Teslaplates® and start tapping into the power of the universe!

A wonderful way to increase  your wellbeing through the Original Teslaplates TeslaVital® made in Germany that are based on Nikola Tesla’s scientific findings combined with the power of color and the Indian teachings of the chakras.

TeslaVital® has built on Nikola Tesla’s patent to create an astonishing receiver and transmitter of free energy – the Teslaplate®. The findings behind Teslaplates® correspond with the widespread modern belief that any life form is influenced by external factors.

The available colours of the Original Teslaplates TeslaVital® are those related to the chakras plus black .

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TESLA IN PORTAFOGLIO   Teslaplatten® Karten
Teslaplates TeslaVital® creditcard size  26,90 euro + delivery costs from Germany

csm teslaplatten faecher 01 e68c95b23c Teslaplates TeslaVital®chakra set 7 colours special price
159,90 EURO +
 delivery costs from Germany

Teslaplates TeslaVital® with Flower of Life  38,90 euro
+ delivery costs from Germany

Große Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - hellblauGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - grünGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - indigoGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - orangeGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - gelbGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - rotGroße Teslaplatte Ø 20 cm - schwarz ( Auraschutz )Teslaplatte Ø 10 cm - purpur

Teslaplates TeslaVital® , round
20 cm Ø
, 4 mm thin       79,90  euro + delivery costs from Germany
10 cm Ø , 4 mm  thin      36.90  euro + delivery costs from Germany

chakra set

Teslaplates TeslaVital® chakra set 10 cm Ø 258,30 euro + delivery costs from Germany

  big size 21×21 cm 89,90 euro + delivery costs from Germany

Große Teslaplatte 21 x 21 cm - schwarz          the only available colours in this big size 

pendant set 7 colours special price
99,90 euro  + delivery costs from Germany

Countless people already appreciate the benefits of TeslaVital®’s beautiful handmade plates. Used by healers, therapists, and spas, Teslaplates are synonymous with harmony and wellness.

Our original Teslaplates are easy to handle and practically last forever. Their positive effects have been shown in several studies.